Your Questions, Answered!

how much notice is required to place a cake order?

We require at least 24 hours' notice to be sure we can complete your cake on time. Our preference is at least 48 hours notice, and we offer a $5 discount coupon as a thank you for ALL cake orders that are received 48 hours or more before your desired pick-up time and date.

can you make me a [___fill in the blank___] flavor of cake?

The short answer is YES. Almost definitely. Of course, get in touch to double check if you are really unsure, but the sky's the limit with what we can do to make your special event... special!

Do you offer other desserts?

Absolutely, we do. We offer a wide variety of truffles and can make special cupcakes and more for your occasion. 

We also offer delicious buffet-style family foods, which we often do for birthday parties. It's our pleasure to help you let go of ALL of those finer food-related details so you can enjoy the moments knowing your guests will be well fed!

Can your cakes be made gluten-free?

Yes, absolutely. While we do not have a certified gluten-free kitchen, we will happily use gluten-free flour on request.

Can your cakes be made vegan?

We’re happy to answer with another “YES!” for this one. We can make your cake without any animal products, including dairy.